How to convert Word To PDF file ?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. A lot of people prefer to save their word files in .PDF extension as it is a read only version and PDF files cannot be edited or altered by users. They can be read and easily transferred over the net. So, in this tutorial we would discuss the right ways of converting a word file into a PDF format.

There are two main ways of doing it.
  • The first method requires use of external convertors like PDF creator or Word to PDF convertor. Some of these convertors may be a trial version and thus may complete the document conversion only partially. So, make sure to get hold of the right application software which can help in converting word files to PDF format.
  • The other method is simpler and does not require careful examination of different software. The word file can be converted to a PDF with the use of simple add on and using options from the word file itself.
  • We shall elaborate both the options for you to use the one you find apt.

Using A Software
  • Search for a software that is either a PDF creator or a Word to PDF convertor.
  • Install the application software on your computer.
  • After the software has been installed, click on the icon to open and upload the word file to be converted.

  • One of the software which you can use for converting files from .Doc to .PDF

  • As per the working instructions of the software you are using; hit the button that says convert.
  • The word file should be converted into a PDF document for your use.


The other method in the tutorial for changing a word file ton a PDF document is with the use of add on. This method is generally preferred because it is free from the hassles of finding the right software or even purchasing the best ones with full features. You just need to follow the steps that we shall provide here and then you can convert the document with ease.

  • You can find a free Add-In from the official site of Microsoft called "Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS".
  • Download the "add in" and install it on your system.
  • Now open the word file that you wish to save in the .PDF extension.
  • Move to the MS office word button and click it.
  • Scroll to the Save As option and find a list of various options.
  • Select the option which says "PDF or XPS" and click it.

  • As you can spot, you can click on the PDF button and the word file would be converted after you hit OK in the dialog box that follows.

  • A dialog box will open where you can click the publish button and the word file shall be published in the PDF format which can then be used by you.

  • This is the screenshot for the dialog box for publishing the word file in PDF format.

Thus, this was the simple way of saving a word file in the non editable PDF extension for your use. Make sure to download the add in from the official website of Microsoft free of cost before you use this method as the add on is essential for using the feature.

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